What to eat and drink during the Bowral Classic

By September 25, 20192019 News

Last week we looked at what you should be putting into your body pre-ride to ensure you are adequately stocked. However it’s not enough to keep you going for the entire ride. This is where hydration and energy comes in.

Fluid intake is essential in any type of ride to avoid dehydration and a subsequent decrease in performance, particularly for endurance cyclists. Just as little as a 2% drop in bodyweight can impair work capacity and a loss of 5% or more in bodyweight can decrease performance by ~30% (Armstrong et al. 1985). As a cyclist, you can lose around 300ml–1,200ml per hour in fluid and this amount can be much greater in hot conditions.

You are likely to be tapping into your glycogen stores here so topping up with fast converting energy in the form of convenient food, sports drinks or gels is highly recommended.

Our official nutrition partner for the 2019 Bowral Classic is Science in Sport (SiS) and they have a fantastic range of gels and powders to ensure you can keep going throughout the ride.

Old favourites such as dried fruit also work well and are always handy to carry as part of your bike lunch box!