What to eat and drink after the Bowral Classic

By September 26, 20192019 News

If you’ve ever enjoyed a leisurely latte and muffin after a long ride and wondered why you felt like a rusty old robot the next day, it’s time to look into your recovery fuel. This is what protects your immune system, generates new carb stores, replaces fluid and electrolyte stores as well as rebuilding new lean muscle tissue for those massive thighs. No matter how great your pre and intra fuelling strategies are, you are at serious risk of compromising performance at your next session if you don’t pay attention to your recovery nutrition.

When: Within 60 minutes of finishing the ride. This is when rates of glycogen and protein synthesis are at their greatest. Immediate refuelling is particularly important if you are exercising again within the next 24 hours.

A nutritious carb and protein snack consisting of approx. 50-80g carbs and 10-20g protein. In addition, aim to replace 150% of fluids lost in the first four to six hours after exercise.

Again if you don’t have easy access to whole foods, Science in Sport have a fantastic range of recovery fuel to help you.