Tech News: New Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Packs A Mighty Punch

Wahoo Fitness have announced the innovative Elemnt Bolt, the latest model in their lineup of bike GPS units.

A little more compact than its bigger brother the original Elemnt, the Bolt packs a mighty punch. It is the world’s first GPS cycling computer to feature an integrated aero mounting system. This drastically reduces drag with wind tunnel tests showing a staggering 12.6-second time reduction over a 40-kilometre time trial course for a rider traveling at 33 kilometres per hour!

Coupled with the Wahoo heart rate monitor strap, the Elemnt Bolt is the perfect training and riding partner. Image: Nat Bromhead.

World-renowned cycling aerodynamics expert Dimitris Katsanis, who worked with Wahoo on the Bolt project, said the sport of cycling is increasingly placing a premium on the study of aerodynamics and gaining a mechanical advantage wherever possible.

“With this in mind, Wahoo created a bike computer design that lends itself to actually improving results on the bike,” he said.

“In addition to tracking them we thought about the desired result and worked backwards from there. Designing the computer and mount as a single integrated aerodynamic package while still delivering on the core Wahoo user experience.”

“It seems silly professional riders spend hours in the wind tunnel trying to reduce every watt of drag possible on their equipment setup, but until now, no one has focused on the computer design and how it affects performance,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “We designed the ELEMNT Bolt to provide riders with all the data they need to perform at their best, while also improving their results.”

Brilliant Display

With it’s unique aero mounting system, the new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt not only looks ultra-slick but has been proven to be more efficient through the air. Image: Nat Bromhead

Other than it’s aerodynamic attributes, the Bolt features a high-contrast 2.2-inch display and QuickLook LEDs introduced on the ELEMNT. It provides the user with easy access to relevant ride data along with call, text and email notifications if desired. The unit is equipped with WiFi, ANT+ and Bluetooth, allowing it to connect to sensors of all kinds and all electronic shifting systems.

All data fields and page configurations can be customised via the ELEMNT companion app available for both iOS and Android. The app also automates the pairing process for fast set-up and personalisation. The units come pre-loaded with maps from around the world and seamlessly integrate with Strava Live Segments.

The ELEMNT Bolt retails for A$399.00 and is available from leading bike shops and online outlets around the country.