In 2018 we are offering an ‘elite group’ for the 175km Maxi Classic course, the Highlanders. This is a self-nominated group of a maximum of 75 riders. You may nominate yourself when registering for the 175km Bowral Classic Maxi course. Riders will be chosen on a first in, first served basis.

When registering riders will be asked to provide their current Cycling Australia Race Licence. This is to ensure they are experienced at riding in teams or bunches.

Even though this event is not a race, this first group will be riding in an envelope with vehicles front and back for safety. The vehicles in this group will be 1 Police vehicle (front), 1 Mechanic and 1 Medical Vehicle (both rear).

The mechanical vehicle will be there to assist as best as possible the riders in that group. Note that the mechanic vehicle will not be carry be carrying any spare bikes and will not have countless wheels including disk brake wheels. The mechanic vehicle it is there in a support capacity for minor repairs. If riders use mechanical assistance they will have an opportunity to re-join the group if they pace themselves back to the group.

Riders in this group will have ONE designated ‘quick’ stop when they are on the Bundanoon/Exeter loop. This stop will NOT be at one of the designated on-course Rest Stops. The location is TBC – riders will be notified of the exact location closer to the event. Riders should estimate that this stop will be somewhere between 92 > 106km from the start.

This stop WILL NOT BE at a normal course Rest Stop. There will be NO food/water etc supplied by the event organisers. Riders should bring a backpack or musette with gear which they want to access at this ‘quick’ stop to the start line on Sunday morning, before depart – ready from 6:15am. The bag will be placed in one of the vehicles which is assigned to the Highlanders group. It is suggested that riders mark the bag clearly so that riders can see and access it quickly.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

  1.  When registering on the Bowral Classic website, riders will need express interest to join the Highlanders group. First 75 riders to express interest will be selected.
  2.  By registering riders acknowledge that you have read and accepted the rules of the event and declare to know and assume the risks of participating in a cycling event.
  3. Riders must be over 18 years old to participate and hold a current Cycling Australia Race Licence.
  4. Riders names will be on a list on the morning of the event – they will check-in with Bowral Classic staff near the starting arch on Bong Bong Street.
  5. This group of riders will depart sharply at 6:30am from Bong Bong Street – it is recommended that riders arrive before 6:15am to check-in.
  6. If a rider has fallen off the back of the Highlanders group, those riders WILL NOT be able to access their bag. Those riders will be able to stop at any of the designated on-course Rest Stops which are open to all riders. Their bag can be collected from the Info point at the Event Expo at Eridge Park.
  7. All rider bags will be dropped at the Info Point at the Event Expo at Eridge Park where riders must collect them at the end of their ride.
  8. If riders use any of the designated on-course Rest Stops they will be out of the envelope.
  9. Riders shall carry their own food and drink requirements.
  10. Riders should be fully prepared and carry their own food, drink and mechanical needs.
  11. Riders within the envelope may exchange food or drink during the ride.
  12. Outside feeding from persons on the course or from the team support is forbidden at the risk of disqualification.
  13. Riders cannot push each other i.e. ‘hand from God’.
  14. Riders will follow the other ‘rules’ from the Guide Book which will be emailed to them in PDF in the weeks before the event.
  15. Once riders fall behind the main group by 1 minute the trail vehicles will overtake them and they will be out of the envelope.
  16. Timing will start soon after riders leave Bowral, once the first rider from the bunch goes through the timing section, the timing for all 75 riders will then begin.
  17. At some point during the event, riders will overtake other riders from other courses who are doing shorter courses. Riders MUST do this in a safe and orderly fashion.
  18. If the medical team diagnose that any rider is unable to continue, the rider will be forbidden to continue on the event. All riders must inform the organisation in writing of any medical information that may be necessary and important in a medical emergency during the event.
  19. The course vehicles will be supporting the lead riders and main group.
    Event vehicles from the organisation may limit the speed of the riders. In this case, the riders are forbidden to overtake or draft the organisation vehicles. Any rider who violates this rule, will be disqualified from the event, resulting in a DNF.
  20. Any rider who does not respect the rules listed above and from the event will be disqualified from the event, resulting in a DNF.