We answer some common questions below.

Rules and regulations

From NSW Police:
* Any person participating in the event, must obey directions given by a member of the NSW Police Force or Ride Referee
* NSW Police has the authority to inspect, oversight, delay, halt or cancel the event at any stage in the interests of road safety or the safety of the community
NSW Police mandate that participants are not permitted on a road during periods of poor visibility due to inclement weather or fog, or where there is insufficient daylight to render a person dressed in dark clothing to be discernible at a distance of 100 metres
The Bowral Cycling Classic rides are not on closed roads. Ride on the left hand side of the road
Wear an Australian approved helmet at all times – no helmet = no ride
Riders suffering a puncture or mechanical failure should use the left hand side of the road. There are mechanics at the designated Rest Stops
Respect signs which have been put in place by the event organisers
Respect all traffic lights – the event is not timed through Mittagong where there are traffic lights
Respect all road rules
Respect all road users, bikes, pedestrians and vehicles
All bikes are to have a bell on their bikes
Place your rider number on your seat post – without it you will not have access to the start/ finish areas or course support. Your personal details are recorded with this number and it will be used for identification if medical attention is required
Each rider is required to respect the environment and the natural areas visited. There is a zero tolerance on littering including paper, plastic packaging etc on the event course. Any rider caught throwing waste on the event course will be disqualified
It is NOT permissible for any rider to use a personal music device this includes earphones &/or speakers
At the Ride Referees discretion, riders may be withdrawn from the event if they are outside the designated cut-off times and their safety cannot be reasonably ensured
While every effort has been made to mark out and officiate the course route, it remains the riders responsibility to be conversant with the ride route
Cyclists are reminded that road cycling can be considered a dangerous sport and whilst all reasonable care is taken by organisers and officials when organising an event, all participants have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care by adhering to the road rules and other conditions imposed by ride officials, ensuring a safe ride environment for all concerned

Registration, check-in, event jersey & kit collection

All riders are required to register for the ride. All riders who register on or before 31 August 2020 will have their registration details, timing chip (if applicable) and any merchandise ordered delivered by mail.

All those riders registering after 31 August 2020 will need to collect their registration pack on Saturday 17th October 1– 4pm or Sunday 18th October 5:00am – 7:00am at the event village (Eridge Park- Eridge Park Rd, Burradoo)

Exclusive three year rider jersey and fourth year RidePac are only available to riders who register during the Early Bird period.

Cancellations, Refunds & Category Transfers

Cancellations that are received by 31 August 2020 will be refunded 50% of the entry fee.

No refunds or deferrals will be offered for cancellations received after 31 August 2020. 

We will consider transferring a registration to another person if a rider is injured and provides a medical certificate at least 7 days prior to the event.

Should the Event Organisers cancel the event due to adverse weather conditions, all riders will be given a 50% refund.

If you wish to transfer ride categories, please email [email protected]. No refunds are made when transferring from a category of a higher value to a category of a lesser value.

Assembly area

Cyclists will gather along Bong Bont St in central Bowral. More information will be sent prior to the event.

A ride etiquette briefing will take place 15 mins prior to each start group.

A vehicle will lead out each group from Bong Bong Street up to the beginning of the timed start.

Nutrition and hydration

This is a Sunday ride but not like your usual hit out. Two factors cannot be underestimated:
• Even at 30km/h riders will be out for 5-plus hours on the bike.
• Riders should consume one gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per hour.

Eating and drinking by the time you feel hungry or thirsty will be too late.

Please note that local cafes will be open from 6am but there will be other cyclists with the same idea and you do not want to miss your start time.

SiS electrolyte powder and gels will be supplied at rest stops.

Every rider should carry some nutrition e.g. gels, bananas, muesli bars. Also riders are encouraged to carry two 750 ml water biddons.

Plan to drink all your fluids by the time you get to the next station. Do not wait to feel thirsty before you drink, by then it will be too late.

Riders on the Social loop will have vouchers which they will exchange for morning tea, drinks and lunch.

Remember to slip,slop, slap!

At the Rest Stops there will be a water station, food, mechanics and First Aid.

What else to carry

Riders are to be self-reliant. Riders should carry 2 x tubes, C02 head unit and canisters, puncture kit, front and rear lights, mobile phone, glasses, appropriate cycle related clothing and money


Bowral during October

Mean maximum temperature: 19.1°C
Mean minumum temperature: 7.7°C
Mean rainfall: 71.6mm
Sunrise: 6:09am
Sunset: 7:22pm
Please be prepared! It is your responsibility to carry what you may need during the ride.

Your bike

Come prepared, get your bike serviced before the event, put on new tires, check your brakes, cables, chain, lube etc. Please do not arrive to the start with a bike that needs a full service.

Saturday – there will be mechanics at Registration at Eridge Park.

Sunday – there will be mechanics at the start area on Bong Bong Street
There will also be a mechanic at each of the Rest Stops plus roaming vehicles on course.


The Event Management takes no responsibility for any valuables lost before / during or after the event.

Ride behaviour

Safety is our first priority.
The Bowral Classic is a timed event NOT A RACE.

Riders will be going through challenging and remote areas where it may take some time to get to any incident. There will be first aid, food and water at each of the rest stops. There will also be roaming first aid associated with the event.

We ask that ALL riders take steps to limit the risks to themselves, other cyclists on course and all road users. Please show respect for your fellow cyclists and other road users and obey the road rules plus the event official’s instructions.


The routes are not closed to traffic. There will be signage along the course route to relay that there is a cycling event in progress.

Do not cross the centre line on the road. Please ride two abreast where possible. Do not pass on the inside. Cyclists who are observed to be infringing the event rules can be removed from the event at the discretion of the commissioners

First aid

There will be a 4WD ambulance on course. There will be a designated First AID response team in two vehicles on course. There will also be First AID trained volunteers at each of the rest stops.

The local ambulance command has been told about the event. In the case of emergency please call the Event Emergency Number: TBC
Emergency medical staff will be clearly identified with high-vis vests and name tags.


Any rider wishing to protest his/her timing or report an infringement by a competitor should complete a written form and hand it to the Info Point within two hours of finishing the stage. The protest will be considered by the event organisation.

Cyclists and insurance

Insurance is compulsory. During the registration process, you will be asked to note your current insurance cover and insurance number. Your current insurance will need to cover you for the Bowral Classic day event. If you do not have the appropriate insurance, you will be asked to take out day insurance, Personal Accident Cover. The cost of this cover is $10 per rider. Please click here for the Insurance FAQs.


Parking is available near the Event Village for riders who want easy access to their vehicles at the end of the ride.

Chevalier College
Enter the College from Moss Vale Road opposite Riversdale Ave. Parking areas will be signposted.

What's included in your ride pack

The following will be included in your ride pack:

  • A Rider Front Plate, including your seat post number and timing sticker (excluding 35km Social riders). Please attach this to your bike’s front plate with the cable ties included in your registration kit. It is forbidden to alter, cut or fold your stickers.
  • Maps of the course, start and finish lines and event village.
  • Drink token for a free beer or wine at the event village.
  • Any merchandise you have ordered.

Need help during the event?

If you are away from the Event Village and unable to go to the Info Point, you can call one of the two Ride Hotlines. These numbers will be distributed prior to the event.

Bag drop options

On Sunday morning, on the corner of Bong Bong and Boolwey Streets there will be a Drop Bag Car.

Pack to many clothes or too warm? Use a Drop Bag and place any extra/unwanted clothes in the Drop Bag. They will be transported to Eridge Park – the Village. Pick up is the Information Desk at Eridge Park

NOTE: Bags MUST be labelled with Full Name and Rider Number.

At Rest Stop 1  – Lackey park, Moss Vale– riders will be able to put any clothes they no longer want into drop bags.

NOTE: Bags MUST be labelled with Full Name and Rider Number. These will be available at the start line and rest stop 1.

They will be taken to Eridge Park – the Village – for riders to collect at the end of the event. Pick up is the Information Desk at Eridge Park.

Start times and start information

The ride starts will be staggered and will be from Bong Bong St, Bowral. Maps of the exact starting location and procedure will be sent to each individual rider.

The first lot of 160km Maxi Classic riders will be sent off from 6.30am.
The first lot of 125km Challenge Classic riders will be sent off from 7.00am
The first lot of 90km Rouleurs Classic riders will be sent off from 7.30am
The first lot of 35km Social Classic riders will be sent off from 7.45am

Further details, including riders wave start times, will be sent prior to the event.

Cut off times

Please refer to the Rider Guidebook for cut off times relevant to your course. Guidebook to be released closer to event.

Eridge Park village and Velodrome

The Finish line is located close to Eridge Park. There will be the opportunity to ride in the Velodrome after the event. Join us in the Eridge Park village area for some gourmet fare and great activities.

Team Rankings

Team rankings will be based in the Top Four times of each team. If only three cross the line, that team will not receive a team result.

Age restrictions

The minimum age for the 160km Maxi, 125km Challenge and 90km Rouleurs rides is 12 years old. Riders aged 12-16 must hold a Cycling Australia Race Licence.

The minimum age for the 35km Social Classic is 10 years old. Please note that any riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult if they do not hold a Cycling Australia Race Licence.