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Europe is the home of cycling. Bikes out number people or cars in Amsterdam and if you follow road cycling you think of Tour de France, yellow jerseys or cycling fanatics at the big Italy bike race, Giro d’Italia. They are the biggest bike races after all.

But where is the heart of cycling? You only need to visit the Flanders region in Belgium to end your search. Yes, the makers of world famous beer and chocolate also love their cycling.

Anyone who loves cycling must travel to Belgium and watch the Tour of Flanders. Ride like a Flandrien at the Tour of Flanders Cycle sportive and it confirms why Flanders is the cycling mecca and has one of the greatest cycle sportive events.

Ride Tour of Flanders Cycle Sportive

Each year 16,000 cyclists saddle up to ride the Flanders sportive. Eric de Clercq, one of the hard men of Belgium cycling, has raced several Tour of Flanders and is your host on a Bikestyle Tours trip to the Spring Classics. Each year the race navigates through his hometown.

Eric says “the sportive is unlike any other riding you’ll do”. The area has incredible narrow winding roads, short steep climbs and of course cobbles.

A well organised and supported cycle event with famous climbs and cobbles

Organisation for the event is a well-oiled machine. Participants arrive from every corner of the globe to challenge themselves on the hardest climbs, especially those on pavé.

Koppenberg is the most feared climb, a short 660m climb averaging 11.6% and a maximum gradient of 22%. Yes, on cobbles. For historians, in 1987 a race leader was unable to ride the length and the race commissaire following drove over his bike. Cars now take an alternative route around the difficult climbs.

Guests travel with Bikestyle Tours to watch the Grand Tours and other famous bike races. But it is the Spring Classics event that captivates guests the most. Follow the experience of riding Tour of Flanders here. (link to:

Exclusive Offer for Bowral Classic Participants

Bikestyle Tours guests are always fortunate to ride in amazing locations. But Belgium consistently features among the most loved places to ride. The Flanders cycle sportive is one of the most rewarding and challenging days on a bike but the organisation, local fans, abundant feed stations and cobbled climbs make it one of the best days on the bike.

Bikestyle Tours runs a 4-day trip to Flanders, including the cycle sportive and a VIP experience to watch the race. Their 11-day trip also includes Paris-Roubaix sportive and race on the following weekend.

There is an exclusive offer for any participant at 2019 Bowral Classic; complete the Bowral Classic and book your Bikestyle Tours trip to receive free carbon bike hire for the 4-day Flanders or 11-day Flanders and Roubaix trip in 2020. Bike hire is valued between $400 and $700, depending on the trip duration.

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