‘Crafting bespoke Highlands homes’: A Q&A with Bowral Homes

By July 31, 2019Sponsors News

Bowral Homes are on board as the local builder partner for the 2019 Bowral Classic. We sat down with the team and sought to find out what they’re all about.

BC: So what’s your background in the industry?

BH: Kieran (founder) commenced a carpentry apprenticeship at the age of 16 with Multiplex. His apprenticeship was completed on high rise buildings in Sydney where he not only developed a passion for high quality carpentry but learnt building (literally) from the ground up. His family owned and operated an excavation company so he had knowledge of civil works along with machinery operation. During his time at Multiplex he became a licensed tower crane operator. Whilst this is a valuable skill to have Kieran wanted to follow in his great grandfather’s footsteps and become a builder. To this day a church hall stands in Kerry, Ireland which his grandfather built.

Following the early years and becoming a qualified builder, Kieran worked on various projects, supervised building works for restoration companies and gained valuable experience from contract works.

With close to 30 years in the industry it has been the last 15 that have been focused on creating custom high quality homes along with assisting our repeat clients on customising and updating their own properties. Kieran and the Bowral Homes brand have developed both a loyal following and a reputation for creating beautifully crafted Southern Highlands homes.

BC: So when was Bowral Homes born?

BH: Kieran and his young family moved to Bowral in 2007 where they commenced Bowral Homes. Steadily the trade base of Bowral Homes was built and it is these early years that allows them to produce the high quality finishes they now pride themselves on.

BC: What makes Bowral Homes unique?

BH: Bowral Homes remains a small operation to ensure Kieran can oversee every job adequately as well as being hands on during the carpentry stages.

If working with a client it is Bowral Homes’ ethos to have homes or renovations designed that suit their clients’ land and lifestyle whilst being constructed with materials, fittings and fixtures that are selected by the client to create a truly bespoke home to be enjoyed.

Bowral Homes also thrives on creating homes to place on the realty market, completely landscaped and ready to move into. Our lucky purchasers are presented with a set of keys to their new home and with a press of a button the gates open to a fully completed home, furnishings are installed for the marketing period and in many cases these furnishings are purchased and left in situ ready to be lived in.


BC: What is the process for people wanting to build their dream home? Is it simple?

BH: Yes the process is simple and clients can choose from four different services:

  1. Clients who know they want to use Bowral Homes and have land but no plans – we will work in collaboration with our preferred architect to have the home designed and all necessary approvals gained for construction.
  2. Clients who want to use Bowral Homes for construction but want to use their own architect or designer – this is fine with us and we will work with the client’s architect to help create their dream home.
  3. Renovations – the design phase is treated much the same as above however the works itself have more challenges such as existing features, working around ornate gardens and mature trees etc.
  4. Maintenance – we have a loyal clientele with properties in the Southern Highlands that they do not permanently reside in. Kieran can take care of the on-going maintenance that appears over time or any work that needs doing on the homes.

BC: Finally, is anyone on the team an avid cyclist?

BH: Kieran and his children have completed in the Bowral Social Classic in the past. We are proud to be associated with this event!