Choosing a physio is the same as choosing your next bike

By August 21, 2019Sponsors News

We all know that the perfect number of bikes is N+1. Despite how many bikes we have, there is always that tendency to want just one more. That doesn’t mean that we always want just one more physio, it means that we need the right physio for the job.

In this current era, bike design and function have become more and more specific to the intended usage. We have the choice of mountain bikes, aero super bikes, comfort geometry road bike, hybrids, e-bikes, gravel bikes, fat bikes. The list goes on. Then we can start talking about carbon, titanium, steel, disc, rim, mechanical, electronic…… It starts to become a blur!

The reality is not one bike can do everything for you. Sure, you could ride your 29er with plus size tyres running a 1X drive train at your next road race, but it will take you an eternity and be a lot of hard work. You could test out the durability of that carbon aero superbike on your local rock garden, but that’s not going to be comfortable (or cheap) for anyone. When you want to achieve a particular goal, you reach for a specific bike. That’s where modern day physio is the same.

Just like bikes, physiotherapy has seen an immense degree of specialisation over the last 30 years. When you want to achieve a specific goal or have a specific problem, you want to see a physio with the right skill set for you. Gone are the days where the one physio can treat all conditions – we expect more! You wouldn’t see a children’s physio for your knee arthritis would you? Or a women’s health physio to rehab that ACL reconstruction?

The folks at The Physio Space Bowral have created a clinic that makes sure you see the right physio for you and your current goal, whatever that may be. When you call them for an appointment, they’ll book you in with the physio that you need. Their entire clinic structure and the experience of their physios ensures that you get the best outcome. And they can treat your whole family!