Choose the right tyres: A Q&A with Schwalbe

By August 14, 2019Sponsors News

When it comes to tyres, you can never have too much detail. In fact, they become even more crucial during a Gran Fondo like the Bowral Classic.

Schwalbe are a world-leader in tyres and know exactly what it takes to ensure you get a smooth ride.

With that in mind we sat down with their Australian Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, Lisa Howard, to chat all things tyres!

BC: Firstly, tell us about Schwalbe. What’s their ethos?

LH: Schwalbe are all about bicycle tyres. Schwalbe is the brand, Bohle is the company. Owned by the Bohle family since its establishment in 1922, the company is now managed by the third generation! Schwalbe are tyre fanatics, 100% committed to bringing cyclists the best bicycle tyres in the world.

BC: How important is getting the right tyres for a Gran Fondo?

LH: Rubber side down is very important. The tyre is the only part of your bicycle that has contact with the surface you are riding on. A Gran Fondo is a 100km + ride, to enjoy it and have fun you need to be rolling on a suitable tyre.

BC: What tyres would you recommend for a Gran Fondo?

LH: So there are really two options for riders partaking in Gran Fondos. The first is the Schwalbe Pro One tubeless. Once you have ridden tubeless road tyres you won’t want to ride anything else.

The other is the Schwalbe Pro One. The grip speed and puncture protection are really second to none. Perfect for those wanting that extra peace of mind.