Chasing the sun: A Q&A with rider Lachie Harrigan

By October 3, 20192019 News

Lachie Harrigan is a familiar face around the Classics scene and we caught up with him to chat about his background, Bowral and all things two wheels.

BC: Bowral Classic

LH: Lachie Harrigan

BC: So, tell us a bit about yourself and your cycling background?

LH: I’m Lachie Harrigan, I’m 20 years old. I’m from the snowy mountains of Australia. I grew up with everything revolving around the snow and skiing but I eventually made the switch and started chasing the sun. 

BC: How did you get into cycling?

LH: I actually got into triathlons as a kid when I was about 10. I was always addicted to running but when dad bought himself a road bike I thought it looked awesome and put the two together. I progressed through the triathlon ranks and even did a fair bit of off-road triathlon. In 2016 I went to the World Champs for off-road triathlon. It was in the same year that I started racing criterium for my training and like many people I caught the bug big time. I started cycling more and more and slowly the running and swimming disappeared. I’ve never looked back.

BC: What was the first bike you owned?

LH: Like most kids I had a mountain bike for ever but my first road bike was a Giant OCR 3. Had 3 x 9 gearing and man do I miss that granny gear. It was actually my dad’s bike but like most cyclists he bought it to get into the sport and within the year was upgrading to a fancy carbon rig so I jumped on the old trusty OCR.

BC: Have you ridden the Classics before and which ones?

LH: Yes, In 2018 I did Bowral and Noosa Classic and so far in 2019 I’ve done the Noosa Classic. Entered and frothing over Bowral 2019 and Mudgee 2020 though!!!

BC: What do you like most about them?

LH: The classics are an awesome way to test yourself and have a challenging day out on the bike but the environment is pressure free and fun loving! You get to the finish and whether you were fastest or slowest all the other participants are absolutely stoked for you. Everyone is keen for a chat and it’s such a cool way to make new cycling minded friends!

BC: Are you part of a club?

LH: Jindabyne Cycling Club!

BC: Do you enjoy testing yourself against other in the classic?

LH: The classics are such a good way to see where you are compared to others. It’s also a great environment to ride with others and get some PBs from working together in a group.

BC: Go to snack when riding.

LH: Clif bars, every day all day. Blueberry to be precise.