Challenge Classic 120km Walkthrough

By August 23, 20192019 News

With the 2019 Bowral Classic not too far away we thought it time to take a closer look at each course! Today we are dissecting the more modest yet still challenging 120km Challenge Classic.

So where am I starting?

Riders will kick things off on the historic main street of Bowral before heading towards the nearby village of Berrima. You’ll then make a bee line for the picturesque Highland town of Moss Vale.

What will I see?

Throughout the course you’ll zoom through the historic townships of Exeter and Bundanoon. In between you’ll pass rolling hills and countryside so picturesque you’ll think you’re riding one of the Grand Tours.

The jewel in the Challenge Classic’s crown is undoubtedly Fitzroy Falls. You’ll get to experience the unrivalled beauty of this waterfall and the accompanying views before passing through picturesque Robertson and the wonderfully named Kangaloon on the way back to Bowral.

Is there a King/Queen of the Mountain stage?

There is no King/Queen of the Mountain stage this year. Only the Maxi Classic will feature a timed climb in 2019.

What sort of numbers am I going to rack up?

The Challenge is 120km long over which you’ll gain 1562m in elevation.

How can I practice?

Both Strava and Map My Ride have specially-created courses so you can hit the road on the weekend and start prepping!


Download course on STRAVA

Download course on MAPMYRIDE