Bowral Classic survival guide: Top 5 ride tips

By May 2, 20192019 News

1 – Ride Like Clockwork

Aim to ride at similar times during your training to the time you’ll be riding at Bowral. This will start at to ensure that your body is in sync when it comes to the big day. Take advantage of weekend mornings to do this, and try and fit in as many pre-work rides as you can during the week, especially leading up to the event.

2 – Eat Breakfast

Any pre-race excitement may prevent you from feeling hungry, but eating breakfast is extremely important on race day because the right right amount and type of food is vital to keeping you going during the ride. Eat 2-4 hours before you’re due to start, fueling yourself with plenty of fluids, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Why not try three slices of wholemeal toast, with natural peanut butter and a banana as your pre-ride feast?

3 – Start slow… or slower than you might want to!

Regardless of what distance you’re taking on in Bowral, the first fifth to a quarter of your ride might feel so easy that it’s tempting to pick up the pace, but don’t push yourself too hard! Stick to a comfortable pace throughout the first half of the ride and you can start to develop speed in towards the back half of the course (we appreciate this can be easier said than done!)

4 – Sleep, glorious sleep!

It’s key that you get plenty of rest in the week leading up to the ride, but it’s especially important that you get a good night’s kip the night before the ride. Avoid eating too late and partaking in too many of the local liquid refreshment and let yourself wind down a little earlier than you normally would to help you to relax into a natural sleep.

5 – Do a dress rehearsal

If possible, head down to the Southern Highlands region and try to do one big ride before the event itself. Feeling comfortable with the roads and the type of riding will give you that extra bit of confidence come the big day. Plus it won’t hurt the training effort either!

Also, make sure you don’t by any new shoes, socks or other key clothing too close to ride day. The last thing you want is blisters and chafing distracting you when you’re rolling through the beautiful hills and pastures that make the region so special.